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New Roll Up Screen Partitions

Roll up partition

Our Production Team are known for their innovative approach to finding great solutions, for a variety of workplace challenges.

To help create safe working spaces during the current phase of the pandemic, they were asked for a smart, portable, flexible and cost-effective alternative, to the somewhat pricey and rigid, Perspex screens. By adapting our existing pop-up banner product, using a clear polyester film, we can offer an effective Covid-19 screen, measuring up to 2m in height, by 1m wide. As you can see from the photos below, the screens can be stood together, to form longer barriers. They can be assembled in a matter of seconds, but also moved, stored, cleaned and transported easily.

The price is just £60, which is less than half the typical price of a small Perspex desk divider. For an additional £5, you can add a logo, or safety message. The item is in stock and available for next-day delivery.