Industriële Kleuren Labelprinters met Snijplotter

Laatste nieuws over onze ondernemingsgroep

Exhibitions in full swing!

Lighthouse Europe - Maintenance Gorinchen

Business events have successfully returned with 40,000+ individuals registering for six exhibitions across the UK and the Netherlands where both Lighthouse UK and Lighthouse Europe exhibited our labelling and sign printing solutions.

With more businesses looking to save on costs by producing their own signs & labels in house, we’ve received positive enquiries with appointments being booked for onsite printer demonstrations.

The exhibitions also allowed us to showcase our new printer model, the CPM-100SHG5. Our current customers are in awe at the faster print speed, whilst printing at a higher specification of 600dpi.

It’s been a very successful 2 weeks meeting both existing and new customers to discuss how Lighthouse systems can fulfil their signage and labelling requirements.

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